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In Motion...

Video provides that special something that photos can not.  I create short videos for families, promotions, and special events.  Stay tuned fo more
Will You...

 I was thilled to be able to help capture such a special moment between these two very special people.

State Street ALPFA Organization

I had the pleasure of working with Ellevent Films to create a video for Boston based State Street Corporation.  We worked with one of their internal work organzitions called "ALPFA" to create a video to be played at a national conference.  For this project I collaborated with Ellevent Films on shoot selection as the Director of Photography and steadicam operator.

Community Music Center of Boston

I recently had the opportunity to create a video about a new innovated product for high end audio company Mark Levison.  We toured their facility in Connecticut and learned about the craftmanship and technology that goes into all of thier products.  We honored to have been selected to help tell their story.

A Close Look at the new Mark Levison No. 585  Integrated Amplifier

Mark Levison is a company who creates some of the most high end audio equipment in the world.  When I was asked to help create a video to showcase one of their newest products I was thrilled.  We toured thier faclities in Boston and Conneticuit and learned firsthand the craftmanship and dedication that goes into thier products.

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